Autism Center of Excellence Network

The Autism Center of Excellence Grants were created to advance autism research by studying the genetic basis of the disorder, evaluating potential treatments, studying brain structure, and coordinating the collection and presentation of study data.
autism sex ratio

Our network seeks to understand why autism spectrum disorders are almost five times more common among boys (one in 54) than girls (one in 252), with the goal of identifying the causes of the disorders and developing new treatments.
autism girl study photoSTUDY DESIGN

Our team will study a larger sample of girls with autism than has ever been studied previously, focusing on genes, brain function and behaviour throughout childhood and adolescence. Read more about the Study.

autism data photoDATA FOR RESEARCH

Through this website, authorized investigators can access research data via our online ACE Database. Data will begin to be available in 2013. An overview of the types of data that will be collected for this study can be found in the Data section of the website.